Re: What about 1200x1200dpi laser printers for digital negatives?

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Date: 02/10/04-03:42:11 PM Z
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In reference to your experience of banding:

Which inkjet printer are you using for your Pictorico negatives?

Mark Nelson
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> I pretty sure it would work for pictorial prints (just like at the time
> of British and French Calotypists) & gum process but what if I want to
> print high definition Vandyke (which sometimes, in some tones, unveils
> the slight banding from my inkjet printer with Pictorico negatives -
> even with prints on NOT paper) and/or Kallitype prints?
> Anyway, I would be glad if you inform us/me with your progress on the
> subject...
> Regards,
> Loris.
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