Re: light source for very small prints?

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Date: 02/09/04-03:21:35 PM Z
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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:

> Eric, there is nothing "wrong" with small prints. I have a whole
> portfolio of 2x3 inch infrared images from a local botanical garden.
> They just seemed "right" at that size. Un-sellable and mostly
> un-showable. The "public" wants art that will "hold up" in large homes
> and above the sofa. So, sadly, I just considered it a "personal
> project".

The Samaras show had his early manipulated polaroids, which are small,
just a few inches per side. So they mounted 4 or 9 together, in one frame.
Not necessarily a good way to see the work, but.....

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