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Loris i really would like to see your latest Temperaprint wirh your two
final coats,i looked at the site you gave with your first Temperaprint and
was amazed by the quality of it.I think that the Temperaprint process is one
of the great secrets of Photo Alt and i am always amazed by its
Dennis Klinker
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> Hi Pete, thanks. If it won't coat on Yupo, what is the advantage of
> using Gloy then? Is it only the possibility to use acrylic colors?
> BTW, I made 3 more coats to my first temperaprint in the weekend (using
> a better, bigger and smoother foam roller - following Dave's pigment
> mixing instructions, I didn't get undissolved pigment this time; thanks
> Dave). I did go for the shadows; with short exposures (half the exposure
> time of the first two coats) Unfortunately the density build is very
> very slow. Yes, there was an improvement but very less compared the
> first two coats - it's like the self masking in POP prints; the more
> relief the print becomes, the harder is coating the shadows (relief
> parts). I can clearly see the egg is more present in bas-relief portions
> of the print but less in the relief parts (I'm not sure if I managed to
> describe it). So the short exposure didn't work much - higlights
> dissolved and the less coated shadows very little changed. What is my
> problem? Do you think I'm coating with less solution than what is
> needed?
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> > I used Gloy for a number of years before I moved onto egg. It
> > wont work on Yupo and similar surfaces You will need a
> > slightly absorbent surface, but not too absorbent, or you
> > start to get strong pigment stain. An effect which you may or
> > may not wont for creative reasons.
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