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Date: 02/09/04-09:27:39 AM Z
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Eric, there is nothing "wrong" with small prints. I have a whole
portfolio of 2x3 inch infrared images from a local botanical garden.
They just seemed "right" at that size. Un-sellable and mostly
un-showable. The "public" wants art that will "hold up" in large homes
and above the sofa. So, sadly, I just considered it a "personal

But, my point is: you can enlarge your medium format negs and make alt
prints at any size. I've "crossed over" to doing enlarged negs
digitally. See Dan Burkholder's book. Lots of folks here are still
doing optical enlargements and would be happy to assist you. Basically
you take a B&W neg, contact print onto film to get a positive, then
enlarge the positive to get a 4x5 or 8x10 or 16x20 negative. Most folks
use lith film and fancy developers to get continuos tone out of it.
There are LOTS of variations. I was fond of shooting E-6 slide film and
enlarging onto camera film. That way I only had one step, but the film
is more $$.

Hope that helps.

On Monday, February 9, 2004, at 07:02 AM, Eric Maquiling wrote:

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> On 02/09 00:05, Michael Healy wrote:
>> Eric, you've given up your search for an inexpensive 4x5?!?!?!? I'm
>> seeing
>> them all the time on eBay. They are a dime a dozen. And Brother, the
>> price I
> I know, I know :)!
> Okay, here's the deal...I would not only need to get a 4x5, but I
> would need to get a 4x5 daylight processor, film sleeves,, film
> holders, better tripod (my Tiltall is the original made in Queens,
> NY), polaroid holder (I would want to get one), 4x5 contact
> frame.....see what I'm getting at.
> And of course, if I get a 4x5, I'm going to want to replace my Beseler
> 23cII for a 4x5 version. And if you give me another cookie ......
> No really, I want to do small now so that neeexxxxxt year, when the
> prices are even lower, I would have a working knowledge on mixing
> chemicals, lights, paper.
> Small steps at a time for me. I just invested on a 16x20 Nova and
> this year, I want to print some old negs to a larger size. That'll
> take all year!
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