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Date: 02/09/04-03:04:15 PM Z
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On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, David J. Greiner Jr. wrote:
[then] I learned about casein and that pretty much filled
> what I was trying to do with the acrylics.
> Though, I may attempt it more at a later time, when Im horribly bored
> and out of water

David, I haven't done casein but am determined to at least mix some and
print a test strip for this issue (and having said that in public, hope I
will...). I've got Lukas Werth's instructions from P-F, and as soon as the
snow, hail and howling wind stop will go to Kremer for some of their
casein... I also bought some dry milk for another approach... but I wonder
if you would share your method for making casein? Where did you get your

thanks in advance,

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