Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

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Date: 02/07/04-02:41:30 AM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:

>David, it's not so much the "manufacturing process" of acrylics as the
>medium itself. Acrylic medium is not soluble in water when it dries.
>Period. By adding a higher percentage of gum, that is, by diluting it,
>you interfered with that, so were able to get an image -- but you say the
>cheaper student grade worked better -- probably , usually, ingredients in
>student grade are not so pure, and adulterated with fillers.
That makes sense to me.

>I'm wondering why you used acrylic paint to begin with -- curiosity?
>economy? I've found some of the colors seem more intense than the
>watercolor colors, but the tipping point for not working (in the few tests
>I tried) was low, so I didn't pursue further.

Well, it started out as curiosity and then I liked it enough that I kept
working with it for a little while.
I started looking at it as possibly a way to put out a bright enough
image in one pass that I could
evaluate the merits of pursuing the image for gum (if that makes any After about a week
of playing with it I learned about casein and that pretty much filled
what I was trying to do with the acrylics.
Though, I may attempt it more at a later time, when Im horribly bored
and out of water

Also in the screwing around category, using that cheap student/craft
glue, usually marked as "mucilage"
as a replacement for gum (but this time using water color) gave me
almost the same density as the
acrylics did.

>However, cheaper paints usually have cheaper often non archival pigments.
>You might want to check that.
I forget the name of the paint maker, Daler-Downey or Downer-Raley or
something like that.
Anyhow, I recall reading in the little information booklet that the
paint was guaranteed for a long
lasting permanent images. Now how that translates to it being mixed
with dichromate, gum arabic and
being printed on cheap watercolor paper, only time will tell I suppose.
As I said previously, I had
simple test print on my mind, I'm not sure if I ever even looked at it
seriously enough that longevity
even mattered.

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