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On 02/09 07:27, Tom Ferguson wrote:
> Eric, there is nothing "wrong" with small prints. I have a whole
> portfolio of 2x3 inch infrared images from a local botanical garden.

I like small :) Years ago, I saw a show in SF (about 9 years ago?),
and it was all small Ansel Adams prints. Seems very intimate.

I posed the similar question a couple years ago on this list but then
I moved 3 times since so I lost a lot of information. I basically
wanted to do small so I can work with kids and do it. At the time, I
was living in Northern Cal and the sun was at times, rare. Now I'm in
SoCal where the sun shines 8 days a week. But I would still like to
be able to do it consistently.

> But, my point is: you can enlarge your medium format negs and make alt
> prints at any size. I've "crossed over" to doing enlarged negs

There's some impressive stuff in Burkholder's book. The enlarged 35mm
negs are impressive. Before digital, when I worked at a lab, I used
to do the copy negs. It was basically a 4x5 Combo on a vacumn easel
and 2 tungsten lights. We did enlarged negs the "old fashioned" way.
:). Expsure was guess work and development was via inspection.

> enlarge the positive to get a 4x5 or 8x10 or 16x20 negative. Most folks
> use lith film and fancy developers to get continuos tone out of it.

I probably will, in a year or so, do bigger and bigger, but small
steps for now. My darkroom is very, very small (hence my investment
in the Nova). My plan is to get all the infrastructure first, like
trays, neg sleeves, daylight processor (or I can always do tray

When the CD player came out, I was in college and didn't have $$ for
one. But I started collecting CD's and not being able to play them
for a while. I do that a lot. I'm going to start ordering some bulk
chemicals to replace my film and paper developers and just to "have
them around".

I don't want to get a larger camera for now cause I know, in the
middle of working with it, I'll know I'll need something else. But
every once in a while, I can get stuff on the cheap when I see it
like 8x10 contact frames (I saw some cheap ones at a recent camera
show and I should have picked it up). Its like building a building
from the bottom up with the camera on top.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions! Such a cordial list!

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