Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

From: David J. Greiner Jr. ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/07/04-02:51:41 AM Z
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Ian Greant wrote:

> I've made gloy prints with acrylic. Varying levels of success ranging
> from excellent to horrible... of course. this also describes my
> results with everything from b&w film, cars, computers and women. ;)

We seem to have much in

> Interesting print David. Have you used that negative for any other
> processes. How were the results?

I also tried that image with gum and vandyke a few times. It prints
reasonably well with gum, but doesn't seem to be dense enough for VDB.
I wasn't vain enough to continue making pictures of myself, so I moved
on the other

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