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Friday For Sale List

I bought out the inventory of a store and have much surplus gear. I have
perhaps 12 more Jeep loads to pick up including filters (Hoya) enlargers
(Bessler, Saunders, Durst and many cheaper ones), projectors (slide and
movie), projector trays (perhaps 120 carousel trays) many Leitz trays,
Rollei trays, sorters, cases, and copy stands. E mail mak@teleport.com if
you are interested in any of this type stuff. Also have perhaps 500
projector bulbs. E mail bulb wants and what they are worth to youŠ

If you are in Portland/Salem/Eugene Oregon or want to drive to Eugene and
meet me Sat am and pick them upŠ and have a use (art? Science? Teaching?)
for perhaps 100 old slide projectors and movie projectors (obviously I will
keep and sell the Kodaks and such) e mail me and they are yours for a good
bottle of red wineŠotherwise they will overwhelm the local Goodwill
(projectors are currently in Eugene)

The store was buying and operating right to the end. So not all the bulbs
are ancient and the Hoya Filters are plastic cased and modernŠ

Anyhow here is list one and if a guessed price is way out of line or you
want it all let me know offer away. I am in Portland Oregon and will ship
overseas and prefer PayPal.

I prefer to us US Mail Prioirty Mail figure postage adds $5 for small items
like lenses and such. E mail me for overseas and bulk weights and costs

Sorted by system so scroll down thanks. Collectibles and odd stuff at the

Rollei Zoom Rolleinar MC 80-200 f4 caps EX $50
Rollei Zeiss Distagon 28mm f3.5 caps filter ring ding EX else $50
Rollei 121 BC Flash $10
Rollei Bay III Hood by Walz $30 in Rollei Case

Zeiss Proxar in Case and Pouch A28.5 909 $20
Zeiss 50 3.5 on bellows Exakta Mount Red T Jena SN 3151771 $50
Zeiss Contaflex Lens Kit Fitted Case with Pro-Tessar 35mm f4 and Pro-Tessar
85mm f4 Chrome Hood 1110 and S27 Sky Filter $150
Zeiss Contaflex with 50 Tessar and Shoe Slow Speeds Off Early Knob Wind $30
Zeiss 1110 Hood in Cute Brown Round Case $10

Leica CL Brochure 112-93 ENG same size as camera cute $10
Leica SM Hektor 1.35CM f4.5 1131035 cap EX+ $75
Wollensak Rapitar 127 f4.5 lens head chrome looks like it would fit Leica
127. $50
Bessa R2 Green Ex works great $375
Leica M 35 f 2 Summicron EX mid 1980s with caps and hood $850
Leitz 55e UV Used $10 each QTY2
B&W 55e UV Used $10 each QTY 2

Tamaron Adaptall 2 35-135 Macro Zoom One Touch $50
Tamaron Adaptall 2 BBAR 28mm f2.5 sharp lens $40
Tamaron Adaptall 2 28 nto 70 Macro Zoom EX caps low end lens $40 EX+
Tamaron Adaptall 2 60-300 SP BBAR MC F3.8 with hood and caps great lens $140
Tamaron Adaptall 2 Mounts OM System Qty 3 $15 each
Tamaron Adaptall 2 Mount Canon FD $15

Pentax ME Super with Ricoh 50 1.7 EX works great $140
Pentax AF 160 Flash Untested $10
Pentax SMC 135 f3.5 M K Mt as new case $30

Olympus 50mm f3.5 Macro MC Black Face 171433 EX+ Caps $75
Olympus 50mm f3.5 Macro MC Black Face Caps 2233335 EX+ $75
Olympus 35-70 f3.5-4.5 Auto Zoom Black Nose EXX+ $75
Tokina 35-70 f3.5/4.5 Zoom EX $30 (OM Mount)
Olympus Trip 35 RF Works $25
Olympus RC 100 Remote Boxed New $10

Nikon MD 11 Motor $60
Nikon EM Body seems fine $50
Nikon FG20 Parts (?) Body complete untested $25
Nikon FM2n Black Body in Box in Parts nice covers all there $50
Nikon NON AI EX++++ 24mm f2.8 SN 392282 $60
Nikon Nikkor 35mm f2 AI Caps EX/EX+ $120
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f2 AI EX $50
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f2 RIFR Non AI $30
Nikon Nikkor 35mm f2 AI EX- cosmetics good glass $80
Nikon Nikkor 105 f2.5 Chrome Front stiff focus no prongs good glass $25
Nikon Nippon Kogaku Nikkor 135 f3.5 SN 768635 EX $40
Nikon Black F2 7903773 DP2 Finder EX $225
Nikon F2 Motor MD2 with MB1 and MH1 Charger and Two Good NiCads $150
Nikon Nikkor Zoom AF Cuttent Plastic Lens Mount has F stop ring 80-200 D $60

Minolta XG M Camera with MD 50 1.7 EX+ works great $120
Minolta Maxxum 100-300 f4.5/5.6 AF Zoom $50
Minolta Maxxum 70-210 f4 AF Zoom EX $50
Minolta Maxxum MOUNT AF Zoom 28-80 OFF BRAND EX $20
Minolta RD 175 Digital SLR with 50 1.4 cables and card untested worked $300
Minolta MC 35 f2.8 older EX- nice user lens $20
Vivitar Matched Multiplier Minolta MC MD for 75-150 case $10
Minolta MF Rokkor MC PF 50mm f1.7 $20
Minolta MD Rokkor 45mm f2 $15 caps
Minolta MF Rokkor MC PF 50mm f1.7 $20
Minolta MF Rokkor MD 50 f2 EX+ $20
Minolta MF Rokkor MD 50 f2 EX+ $20
Minolta Auto Rokkor PF 55mm f1.8 $20
Minolta MF Rokkor X MD 85mm f2.0 EX $75
Minolta 200X Dedicated Flash in cool case works $25
Minolta MD 50 f2 EX- $10 Good glass

Canon AE1 Parts Body complete untested $25
Canon FD 50mm f1.4 Caps EX+ $50
Canon FD 50mm f1.8 Caps EX+ $20 Each QTY 2

Griswold R2 35mm Film Splicer with Cement (no cement included) $50


Kodak Instamatic Reflex working Xenar 45mm f2.8 (Blue Moon Camera has fresh
126 film) $25

Kodak Instamatic Reflex Retina Xenar Shutter sticks every once and a while

Schneider 28mm f4 Curtagon EX+ in Bubble $50

Retina Xenar 50 f2.8 Lens EX- $10

Nikon Nikkor EL Nikkor Enflarging Lens in Bubble EX+ 105 f5.6 $100

Graphic Jet 35mm RF EX- Case untested $20

Ilex 3 Inch 75mm f1.9 Oscillio Paragon 1:0 0,85x in Ilex No3X Shutter EX
with hood seems to work fine have not yet mounted the lens but hey how does
$100 sound

Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f2.8 for Mamiya 645 System USER $30

Ventrua 66 Deluxe EX Folding 120 US Zone $25

Kodak Pony 135 $20

Kodak 35 RF Camera and Case $20

Ilex Portronic Paragon 7.5 Inch f4.5 made for Coleman Engr on lens board no
shutter $50

Minolta F Rokkor QF 190mm f6.8 Lens no shutter for??? EX $50

Ilex Paragon 10 Inch f4.5 Seires S Process Camera Lens (?) $25

Bausch and Lomb 8 1/4 Inch f4.5 Mag 1:1 PROCESS CAMERA LENS $25


Ilex Paragon 12 Inch f4.5 Seires S Process Lens $25

Bessler Color Pro 75mm Enlarger Lens on 23 C Board f4.5 EX $40
Rodenstock Omegard 75mm f 4.5 Enlarger Lens $20
Schneider Componar 50 f4 Enlarging Lens $25 Boxed

Argus C2/C3 Tele Sandmar 100 f4.5 EX $20
Argus C4 (?) 50 2.8 Cintagon $20

Vivitar 2600 Flash with Filter Kit $20

Ricoh 35 with Bottom Advance EX $20
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