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Friday For Sale List

I purchased the inventory of a closed store here is what I have left. I
prefer PayPal and will ship all but the slide trays internationally (the
trays are so heavy and bulky and low in value that it is not cost effective
to do so). The parts cameras (listed under parts cameras) are just that and
priced accordingly. I will list as much as I can about each item. The
projector bulbs, filters and darkroom stuff is all gone. I will list the
slide trays and enlarging lenses first then the cameras by brand then the
parts cameras then the other stuff,

Light Saber

Graflex 3 Cell Flash Gun BodyŠoffer away

Slide TraysŠBTW if you are looking for weird slide trays drop me an e mail
and offer there are several shelves of Kodak straight trays, Airequipt
Magazines, Bell and Howell TDC Straight Trays (no stereo ones sorry), Argus
Trays and such. These are almost all used but in nice shape.

Leica Leitz Straight Trays These are the plastic cases each holding two 50
slide trays. I have 20 of these. How about 10 for $75 or $130 for all

Kodak Carousel Slide Trays I have about 75 trays left. 80% Kodak 20% Focal
and other brands. 80%+ 80 Slide a few 140s. 80% boxed in the original

How about All shipped (US ground) for $450. (Normal retail is $15 per tray
at Citizens so you are saving a ton.)

I hesitate to sell onesy twosy as postage costs would $7 for a $6 tray but
would sell ten for $60 plus $17 for postageŠif I break them up that way
first one to PayPal gets the newest looking boxes last one to PayPal gets
the ones without boxesŠsound fair?

Rollei Circular Magazines I have 6 five boxed. $50 shipped gound sound fair?

Sawyers Circular Magazines. I have perhaps 80-90 boxed. How about $250 for
the lot shipped ground US

Someone asked about Kodak Stack Loaders. I consigned perhaps 10 of them at
Citizens Photo 503 232 8501 starting at $25 or so. I also consigned some
large screens there.

Enlarging Lenses Process Camera Lenses (figure $7 each for US Postage)

Nikon EL Nikkor 105mm f5.6 as new in bubble $100

Schneider Componon 150 f5.6 on Beseler Board EX $50

Rodenstock Omegar 75 f4.5 on Omega (?) board EX+ $50

Ilex 7 1/2 Inch f4.5 Portronic Paragon on board for ? Coated EX $50

Beseler Color Pro 75mm f4.5 on board $30 EX

Ilex Oscillio Paragon 1.0 .85x 75mm f1.9 in Ilex No 3 Universal Shutter $40

Wollensak 127mm f4.5 Rapitar Lens Head on board this is the same lens head
as is one a 127mm Leica lens. This is chrome and Coated $40

Submini (postage $7 each)

Mamiya Auto 16 Grey EX $20

Minox Brochure and Manual for Model B English $10

Rollei (postage $7 each)

Rollei 35 LED Black Triotar Singaport NEEDS REPAIR NEEDS RETURN SPRING $30

Rollei 35 Zoom Rolleinar MC 80-200 f4 EX+ Caps $50


Contaflex Early Knob Wind working 50mm f2.8 Tessar Have 2 $40 each

Lens Set for Later Contaflex in Leather Case Pro tessar 35mm f4 and Pro
Tessar 85mm f4 $100

Zeiss 5cm f3.5 Tessar C Jena in Bellows for Exakta $50

Kodak Retina

Instamatic Reflex Have Two one has 50 Xenar one has 45 Xenar $25 each

Retina Xenar 50mm f2.8 $20

Curatgon 28 f4 in Bubble $30

Leica (figure $12 each insured US) for high value items $5 for last five

35mm f2 Summicron M 1980s version Black Canadian with Hood and Filter EX

135mm Tele Elmar f4 last version E46 rare EX $750

O Series Camera Box Papers as new $750

Macrotar Close Up for SLRs 16531 E new $10

Projector Illuminator Cat 37936 NEW $10

Leica Interchangeable Lenses and Viewfinder Brochure (Wollensak stuff) 1316
1 H 9-46 M folded $10

Leica Lenses 4 color Brochure 110-74 Eng EX $10

Leica CL Brochure same size as camera $10

Olympus ($7 each for postage)

RC 100 Remote Control $10

Olympus Trip 35 Cameras 35mm RF Have two $20 each

Soligor 70-150 f3.8 Zoom EX $15

Old 35mm RF Cameras

Graphic Jet with Case EX untested $20

Kodak Pony 135 untested $20

Spartus 35 F Model 400 with Case $20

Argus Lovers Fun Pack Hardback Book Grat Pictures with Your Argus and two
Argus Lenses a Cintagon 50 f2.8 (C4?) and a 100 f4.5 (C2/3) all $20

Digital ($10 postage)

Minolta RD 175 Digital SLR with 50 1.4 and cables untested complete was
working fine $300

Hasselblad ($15 postage insured)

50mm f4 EX/EX+ version just before the floating element one $1000

Canon (figure $7 each postage)

FT with 50mm 1.8 FD EX Good Student Camera Meter Untested $50

Canon T 80 Autofocus SLR with AF 35-70 Zoom EX $70

Canon 50 1.8 FD EX $20


Canon AE-1 LOCKED UP $20

Canon AL 1 Locked Up $20

Canon AE 1 Black Locked Up $30

Canon A 1 Black Shoots Squeaky Shutter $50

Canon Bell and Howell Canonet 1.9 Case $20

Kiron 75-210 Macro f4.5 FD $20

Kiron 28-85 f2.8-3.8 FD $30

Canon 135 f3.5 SSC FD Case EX $60

Minolta (figure $7 per item shipping)

Maxxum Auto Focus Stuff first

Off Brand 28-80 Macro Zoom F 3.5-4.5 $25

Minolta Maxxum AF 100-300 Zoom EX $50

Minolta Maxxum AF 70-210 Zoom EX $50

Minolta MC MD Manual Focus Stuff here

Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 Rokkor Lens EX+ $20

Minolta 50mm f2 Rokkor EX $10 each qty 2

Minolta 50 1.7 MC no RUBBER RING $10

Minolta MD Mount Tokina 28 f2.8 EX $20

Minolta MC Rokkor X 50 f2 $10

 Minolta Celtic MC 28 f3.5 USER $10

PARTS CAMERAS in boxes seem all there make an offer on them all!

Minolta SRT 101 PARTS CAMERA #1 $15 top controls off

Minolta SRT 101 PARTS CAMERA #2 $15 complete not firing

Minolta SRT 101 Parts Camera #3 MISSING TOP CONTROLS $10

Minolta XG 7 Parts Camera (in a lovely box) $10

Minolta XG M Complete will not fire $20

Minolta X370 Complete will not fire $15

Minolta X700 Seems okay but who knows $25

Minolta Auto 25 Flash in Case $10

Minolta Auto Winder D PARTS $10

Minolta MC W Rokkor 35mm f2.8 EX- $15

Pentax ($7 each postage)


ME Parts Camera in a lovely Box $10


Fujinon 55mm f2.2 SM Lens $15

Carenar 135mm f2.8 SM Lens $10

Vivitar 75-260 Zoom SM Lens $25

Vivitar 200mm f3.5 SM Lens $15

Mamiya Sekor 55mm f1.8 SM Lens $10

Sun Zoomar 85-210 f4.8 with Grip Historical SM Zoom $10


EM untested seems fine shoots $25

Nikon FG20 Seems Fine Untested $25

Nikon Nikkor 200mm f4 AI EX $60

Nikon Nikkor 35mm f2 AI EX+ $125

Nikon 135mm f3.5 EX NON AI $20

Nikon 100 f2.8 Series E EX+ lovely lens $60

Nikon AI JC Penney 80-200 f3.9 Zoom $20

Student SLRs meters untested shooting fineŠpostage $7 each each has a normal

Ricoh (Sears) 500MX $25

Yashica TL ELECTRO $25
Mamiya (postage $5)

645 f2.8 80mm Lens EX- $20

Konica (postage $5)

Soligor 80-200 f4.5 Zoom EX $15
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