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> it didn't seem to do a good enough job, especially for VDB; and
> Kallitype was pretty pathetic as well.

I don't know if this may help you, anyway:
me too had problems in high light with ink-negatives for vdb, and now with
epson 2100 ( or 2200) with epson ink, I overcame them.
The problem was not only the colour, bat the file .acv
a - If I print neg on OHP and no colour manegment the colour is quite as
analogic film developped in pyrocat.
b - the acv file need especially in the last 5 degrees (95-100%) a great
hang (89% in psp lecture, and may be more),
the curbe is really far from the platinum one suggested by Burkholder.
When I print with a stouffer I have 1.95 on arches platine.
Now I have only a little problem in the 10-15% tones that I think I'll
overcome next time.

if you want i'll send you my vdb.acv

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