RE: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

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Hi Ian,

Where did you get that Gloy? I'm out, and having no luck getting is shipped
from the UK.


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I've made gloy prints with acrylic. Varying levels of success ranging from
excellent to horrible... of course. this also describes my results with
everything from b&w film, cars, computers and women. ;)

Interesting print David. Have you used that negative for any other
processes. How were the results?


At 11:29 PM 05/02/2004, you wrote:
>Yes, I have actually made a gum print with acrylics. The best luck I've
>had the few times I've done it, is to use slightly more gum than normal
>and allow it to soak longer than gum for development. The effect is sort
>of gouache like and sort of resembles casein. I also had better results
>with the cheaper student grade acrylics, but the professional grade ones
>didn't work well at all. I'm sure someone with more knowledge on the
>manufacturing process of acrylics could tell you why, as I have no idea.
>Here's a somewhat bad example, it's the only one I currently have
>scanned. The image in real life has quite a bit more detail and doesn't
>look so uneven. After I get some sleep (and if anyone's really that
>interested) I can scan a better example.
>Judy Seigel wrote:
>>If this question was about using acrylic tube pigments for GUM printing,
>>which the subject line suggests, the answer is no. Or mostly no. Gum
>>relies on the emulsion being water-soluble when it dries except for the
>>part that's hardened by dichromate in UV. Acrylic paint dries insoluble
>>in water, period. ("Impermeable", which someone mentioned, means something
>>else.) I've made gums with a *small* amount of acrylic paint in the mix,
>>but doubt it's possible to make a gum print with all acrylic paint. (Has
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