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Date: 02/05/04-06:32:49 PM Z
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Thought this exhibition would be of interest (for those who can't make it
to Paris, where those autochromes sound like a destination in themselves.)
I'm hoping to get uptown to see it tomorrow-- but..... can someone tell me
what a ruby ambrotype is?


My new exhibit, Confidence, will open this Thursday at Howard Greenbergs
new gallery at the Fuller Building (41 East 57th Street) and will continue
on to the 13th of March. I hope you'll be able to get over to see the
show. They are all 8x10 ruby ambrotypes relating to a traveling medicine
show I used to perform. I think you'll enjoy the imagery and have some
appreciation for the objects themselves since you've seen what other
modern wet plate photographers are producing. Mine are different.


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