Re: I'm going to Paris - any tips where to go??

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Photography in Paris

If you are interested in Autochrome Photography, the first color process
developed by Lumiere at the beginning of the 20th century, you should make a
trip by metro to the Albert Kahn Garden and Museum. Albert Kahn
commissioned photographers to travel all over the world to take photographs
that captured the global culture extant around 1910. Naturally, almost all
of these photographs were taken using the new Autochrome process. Although
most people go to the Albert Kahn Gardens and Museum to enjoy the gardens,
which are very nice, the exhibit of Autochromes is truly spectacular. It is
very easy to find because a Metro stop is only a short walk from the Albert
Kahn Gardens entrance. Photographs in full color from around the world,
circa 1910. Do not miss it !

This link will take you to a site with more information. Also, you can
search for Albert Kahn Jardin.


Jim Flack

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> > Hello everybody,
> > There is a good change that I'll be spending my summer vacation near
> > France this year.
> > I would like to go to into Paris one day by myself (somewhere between
> > July and 7th August).
> >
> > Does anyone has some tips where I could go in (or nearby) Paris?
> > I'm told there are some good shops for large format cameras overthere. I
> > want to buy some film for
> > 18x24cm format and just look at the equipment.
> > I'm also interested in alternate photographic processes (posfactory
> > processes), exhibitions (concerning photography or equipment), books and
> > other related stuff.
> >
> > If anyone has a good tip, please let me know.
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Bert from Holland, Europe "have fun and catch that
> > my website:
> >
> >
> If you are after cameras a good street for second hand stuff is Boulevard
> Beaumarchais - take the metro to Bastille and just walk up the street.
> Prophot is the place for film and supplies website is -
> nearest metro is Anvers if I recall.
> There are always plenty of photo expos in Paris but you may want to visit
> MEP near Metro St Paul - its on rue de Fourcy. When you are in town get a
> copy of Pariscope which lists all the expos. Hotel Sully, very close to
> MEP also has regular photo expos you will find it on rue st antoine.
> Have fun
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