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Date: 02/05/04-07:48:16 PM Z
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> Thought this exhibition would be of interest (for those who can't make it
> to Paris, where those autochromes sound like a destination in themselves.)
> I'm hoping to get uptown to see it tomorrow-- but..... can someone tell me
> what a ruby ambrotype is?
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Mark wrote:
> My new exhibit, Confidence, will open this Thursday at Howard Greenbergs
> new gallery at the Fuller Building (41 East 57th Street) and will continue
> on to the 13th of March. I hope you'll be able to get over to see the
> show. They are all 8x10 ruby ambrotypes relating to a traveling medicine
> show I used to perform. I think you'll enjoy the imagery and have some
> appreciation for the objects themselves since you've seen what other
> modern wet plate photographers are producing. Mine are different.

I've seen a number of Mark's ruby ambrotype's and they are beautiful! I
believe it's safe to say that *ruby* ambrotypes are simply "regular"
ambrotypes (i.e. wet collodian on japon-black backed glass) made on ruby
(red) colored glass - rather than on clear glass....

See them if you can! (And, Congrats to Mark if he's still on this list!!!)

Best - JB
Tenants Harbor, Maine
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