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IMBUE! Now that's a new one! I've heard of all sorts of names to hide the
fact that they are inkjet prints hehehehehe The most notable being

Some are calling them "carbon pigment prints", which must drive Sandy King

Others are calling them "Platinum", etc or naming inksets "Paltinum",
"Carbon", etc...

I prefer saying they are ikjet and giving what the life expectency is for the
particular ink and substrate/paper printed on. I think it is more direct.

I was at a gallery opening once in a well known Chicago photography gallery
that was showing some color work that was obviously digital output of the
inkjet variety, which is fine. I asked the owner of the gallery what type of
color print they were and her curt response was "They are color prints! End of
Story!" I just smiled at her and chuckled to myself. Then I politely asked
"Do you mean like a C-41 process or Fuji Crystal Archive? She just stared at
me and walked off.

Nothing wrong at all with high quality inkjet prints using fine papers and
good, "archival" ink. I've made a number of them. The odd thing is that many
of the inkjet prints will actually be far more archival than some of the
traditional color print processes. That should be a selling point. However,
they don't seem to want to mention the D(igital) word—it's not arty.

Mark Nelson

IMBUE — Definition:  
1. [v]  suffuse with color
2. [v]  fill, soak, or imbue totally; "saturate the bandage with di
3. [v]  spread or diffuse through; "An atmosphere of distrust has
permeated this administration"; "music penetrated the entire building"

  Synonyms:   diffuse, hue, interpenetrate, penetrate, permeate,
pervade, soak, tinge
  See Also:   brew, complexion, dye, impregnate, infuse,
perforate, saturate, spiritise, spiritize, steep
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> If you click the "statement" link above the pictures, the artist
> states:  "An Imbue print is an archival Epson print, printed on a matte
> art paper."
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