Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy,beginners questions

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Hi again,

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> ...
> . I will return to you as soon as I get
> > these and make my first real try.
> Please do
> Pete

After your and Dave's messages I couldn't resist and made another trial. I
followed Dave's coating instructions - it helped much. I tried the back side
of the RC paper. I discovered that if I continue to coat very lightly I can
slowly get rid of the bubbles and coat quite smoothly. One other thing to
learn was to keep the working environment as clean as possible; every flying
thing, dust, hair ect. gets sticked to the emulsion - according to Murphy's
laws ;) I also learned that foam brushes are very emulsion-hungry because I
run out of STEM (made of one whole egg) just after the second coat (actually
I could make another one but didn't to do so because in the remainder there
was too much undissolved pigment particles). I developed by agitating in
water and change it twice then roll a foam brush over the image evenly
(while it was still under water) until the highlights clear. Anyway, the
result is promising considering it was the first trial:
(Remember this is only two coatings, will continue and finish the print)

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