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Dave Loris and All,

A point of clarification

Dave wrote --:

2. The coating on the RC paper should be on the back side, not the gelatine
side. The idea is to use the plastic/resin.

Loris wrote --:

 I decided to use semi-matte RC
> paper I have in stock (Kentmere). You suggest strong domestic bleach to
> remove the silver- gelatine emulsion. What if I only fix the paper? Can't I
> use the paper with the gelatine emulsion? I'm asking that because here we
> don't have lye-based bleaches anymore and I don't want to deal with pure
> sodium hydroxide.
Pete wrote --:

Yes you can but I have found that the gelatine coat tends to pigment stain a
bit. As you are just starting this proberly wont be a real problem just yet.
another alternative is to use the back of the RC paper but again and there
is always a but .Although the the back looks pure white is in fact coated
with clear polyurethane so the first coats you print will be slightly
unsharp and as you continue the print will get sharper and sharper. It is a
quite nice effect using a landscape image.

Beware when you print on the back of a RC get you a different print quality
than that of the front. Again the print on the front of a piece Of RC with
the silver gelatine removed also gives a different quality once more. This
took me years to find out.

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