Re: What's light integration ??? /UV exposure light boxes

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A light integrator measures light output and accurately controls total
exposure. A simple exposure unit with fluorescent BL tubes will work just
fine. I have a homemade light box (without integrator) that works well for
producing cyanotype and gum prints.

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Dave Rose
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> Ok, I'm stupid but what the heck is light intergration and these units
you're talking about. Here I was just trying to decided between 24" bulbs
or a metal halide (although this in itself is confusing me to no ends). All
I want is a simple set up to put my contact frame under for 12 x 18 max
size. Why won't just getting three or four two bulb holders with the BL
bulbs in them, set 'em above the neg, plug 'em in and expose work?
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> >Any UV bank can be used with an integrator. Integrator hardware,
> >like most graphic equipment, is often available on ebay. Olec/Olix
> >is one of the common brands, but similar instruments made by Olec
> >are also sold by other names (Fuji, Tenac, etc).
> >
> >Sandy
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>Sandy,
> >>
> >>How hard is it to build a UV bank that incorporates an integrator?
> >>Is the hardware for the integrator readily available and/or
> >>expensive?
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>Mark Nelson
> >>
> >>
> >>In a message dated 2/3/04 12:11:00 PM, sanking@CLEMSON.EDU writes:
> >>
> >>>I would recommend a vacuum easel with either the
> >>>UV bank of MH light, though you might be able to
> >>>get away with a well adjusted printing frame with
> >>>the HID lamp because it functions more like a
> >>>point source. To counter this, you can get fairly
> >>>decent consistency in exposures with the UV bank
> >>>without a light integrator. With the platemaker
> >>>you will get both light integration and vacuum
> >>>easel built in.
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