Re: Slightly OT, Toyo 810G and Fidelity Delux film holders

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Date: 02/04/04-07:55:49 AM Z
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  Actually, dags are made with silver coated, copper plates. 8X10 is
rather huge and will be fairly expensive, especially when just starting
out. Fidelity holders won't work, for as Cor said, the plates won't fit
in them. Now personally, if I were in your situation, I would still get
the Toyo (as it's always nice to have 8X10 as an option) than I would
get some older plate holders and modify them to hold 4X5 and then
further modify them to fit the back of the camera. Actually, if you
look around, you could probably find some old single sided wooden film
holders. I've been able to fit glass plates in these, so dags should
fit as well. Of course, this is assuming that toyo's use a standard
spring back rather than some propriety film holder system. I'm more of
a vintage graflex kind of


Breukel, C. (HKG) wrote:

>You probably got an answer off-list already, but no you cannot use normal
>Fidelty holders for Dag plates: Dags are made on glassplates, and they do
>not fit. Another point: (no way near an expert) but I believe that 8*10 dags
>are rather "challanging" and very costly. I believe most people opt for 4*5
>equipment, or maybe buy an old camera with glass plate holders..
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