Dags and view cams (was Re: Toyo 810G and Fidelity Delux film holders)

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Dags aren't on glass but I see what you're getting at. I was intending to
use an 8x10 with a 4x5 reducing back for dags and the 8x10 format for
contact prints. Can anyone explain just how you would go about loading a
dag plate (or a tin type?) for exposure in a view camera?

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> Jon,
> You probably got an answer off-list already, but no you cannot use normal
> Fidelty holders for Dag plates: Dags are made on glassplates, and they do
> not fit. Another point: (no way near an expert) but I believe that 8*10
> are rather "challanging" and very costly. I believe most people opt for
> equipment, or maybe buy an old camera with glass plate holders..
> Best,
> Cor
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> > I'm thinking about buying a Toyo 810G with some of these
> > Fidelity Delux film
> > holders but my experience with LF is pretty limited
> > (non-existant except for
> > lots of reading). The chief reason that I want to go to LF is for alt
> > processes with larger negatives but my primary concern is
> > using this camera
> > (and film holders) for Dag plates. Can these film holders be
> > used for such
> > a purpose?
> >
> > -Jon
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