Re: Quadtone Inks & Digital Negatives

Date: 02/04/04-07:40:00 AM Z
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I think other list members -- including me -- would be interested in
responses to this question so I encourage people to answer via the list. (If not,
would you forward responses to me, please?)

FWIW, I have made digital negatives using piezotone inks on an Epson 1160. I
used a variety of different "papers," though Pictorico was perhaps the most
successful. My inks (carbon pigment) seem to hold back alot of light, so
exposure times are long(er). Banding was a big problem, but that may be the
temperamental 1160. I experimented with some of the Burkholder curves and used the
negs pretty successfully for cyanotype, though, frankly, film negatives looked
much better. I also tried the digital negs with POP...results were poor;
every imperfection (and there were many) showed up.

I am trying to find a vellum that I can use for inkjet negatives (with
pigment inks). Anyone have any suggestions?

'Looking forward to hearing of others' experiences.

Rita Bernstein
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