Re: moral dilemma for George

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Date: 02/02/04-06:26:59 PM Z
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Clouding the issue with facts again, Judy? Lexus Nexus Schmexus. It's only the
most authoritative (not to mention voluminous) news database in the world. I'd
wager, the people you are trying to convince with the facts will remain biased
and oblivious to them as they did before. No doubt because Rush Limbo told them
not to believe it.

Was it on any of the TV channels they personally watch? Then it didn't happen!

Score: Judy 0 - Wallmart 8 Billion Dollars and countless, numb skull, "free
market", sweatshop advocates (and dwindling).


Judy Seigel wrote:

> A friend of mine thought George's Panglossian claims needed some
> "checking," and typed "Walmart" into Lexis-Nexis and forwarded the stories
> I excerpt here. (Friend said there were lots more, but I said, "enough.")
> [...]
> Well,not the end -- but sufficient unto the day.
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