Re: Only fifty photogs working with platinotype/palladiotype!?

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> There are countless times I've watched in disgust as critics and art-school
> cognoscenti have heaped praise upon 'excrement art'. I (and probably the
> vast majority of the public) don't especially care if something is
> 'different and has never been done before'. IMO, phony trash art sucks,
> even if it is unique. Too bad I don't have an advanced art degree. I guess
> I'll never understand or appreciate the relevance of elephant dung or piss
> in a bottle.
> I'm primarily a landscape photographer. My best work has always come about
> by just going out hiking and looking around, without worrying about who I
> need to satisfy - other than myself. Since I don't make my living in
> photography, I have tremendous freedom. I don't have to cater to the whims
> of employers, critics, gallery owners, museum curators, etc..... I have no
> deadlines or quotas to fill. I make good money selling Fords and Dodges. I
> can spend plenty of time and money on my photography hobby/addiction. Life
> is good!
> I think more people than you realize share Chris's feelings on this subject.
> Best regards,
> Dave Rose
> Big Wonderful Wyoming
>> Chris,
>> Have you considered that you may be the only one that feels this way?
>> Joe
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>>>>> 02/01/04 11:00 AM >>>
>> I KNOW I'm 1 of only 25 people in the world that make Daguerreotypes!
>> Right....Right?
>> Hmmmm...well I'm 1 of only 10 people in the world that makes Becquerel
>> 4"x5"
>> plates using a barrel lens without an aperture.
>> Actually I'm only 1 of 5 people in the world that makes Becquerel 4"x5"
>> plates using a barrel lens without an aperture with a bad buffing and
>> poor
>> gliding technique (on purpose mind you!!...hehehe).
>> Well I KNOW I'm the only one in the world that makes Becquerel 4"x5"
>> plates
>> using a barrel lens without an aperture in an old SpeedGraphic press
>> camera
>> with a bad buffing and poor gliding technique of blurry self-portraits
>> with
>> objects during the summer hours of 11am-2pm Eastern Standard Time in
>> Central
>> New York on my friends property that has a huge Stone Barn in the shape
>> of a
>> castle.
>> Can I put that up on my website?
>> ----------------
>> Sorry just got to this thread and I found it a great laugh! I wrote not
>> with
>> the intention to pick on Gary but to point out something that seems to
>> be an
>> issue most of us fight with. This need to be "the only one" doing
>> something
>> in art this day and age is a tremendous pressure falsely put on many us.
>> It's all BS and once you get over it and just get back to doing and not
>> worrying if you are unique, your mind is set free and your greatest work
>> will appear.
>> -Chris
Dave it is refreshing to know that there are more of us out there who make
pictures because we like doing it without the need to be 'the one' or famous
or whatever - There is nothing more satisfying than making great images and
wonderful prints.

Life is good when the prints work the way I want them to :-)

Cheers from grey old London

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