Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy, beginners questions

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Lets take this one stage at a time

 1) do not use > potassium dichromate solution use amm dichromate


 1) Mix one spoon of acrylic into one spoon of stem with a stiff brush
 2) Then add another spoon of stem and mix thoroughly with the stiff brush
 3) Then ad a further four parts of stem = ditto =
 4) Then add one part washing up liquid. Magic ingredient !!
> Question 1: I couldn't manage to get a satisfactory mix of acrylic pigment +
> sensitized tempera solution. I poured two (small) spoons of STEM (standard
> emulsion mix: 2 parts egg + 1 part saturated solution) into a vessel then a
> spoon of acrylic paint, mixed/stirred with a hard bristle brush. Then I
> added two more spoons of STEM, mixed/stirred again... Finally, I added the
> last two spoons of STEM and stirred again (final emulsion consisting of 1
> part pigment + 6 parts STEM). The total time of mixing/stirring was around
> 10 - 12 minutes but there was still small undissolved particles of pigment
> in the emulsion. What can I do to make the pigment dissolve better? Is this
> some "operational" error or was is due to my errant mixing method? Or it is
> the choice of pigment that caused the error?

No you are just getting used to mixing
> After messing with the pigment, I decided to try coating (to see if any
> other problems will develop in the later phases of temperaprint)... I used a
> foam brush to coat and I got bubbles everywhere! Whatever I did, I couldn't
> get rid of the bubbles. I guess the foam brush was overloaded because
> everytime I pressed it hard to the substrate - the gelatin side of a fixed
> semi-matte RC paper in my case - the brush spurted paint from the sides. If
> I weren't pressing the brush then there was thousands of bubbles across
> where it passed.

When did I say you should use a foam brush it may work for gum but not

> Question 2: What I did wrong with the foam brush
? Using it
> Question 3: The unsuccessful coating with the foam brush looked very thin to
> me. What is the correct method
 Don't use a foam brush use a foam roller

You will at first get a thin coat don't worry about this. Slowly slowly
catchey monkey. The process works by building one coat on top of another
you have to pay a price for excellence it doesn't come cheap
> a) Recoat several times (say... 3 to 4 times) before exposing or
> b) Coat, expose, develop and recoat (again 3 to 4 times for a single color)?

I often give ten to twenty coat's to get it right it is not a one off
> Thanks in advance,
> Loris.
My pleasure Loris

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