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--- Schuyler Grace <>

In general, I agree.

But I also cannot respect art and artists who gain fame by
utilizing The Technique of Offense... Some offenseive art
may be made for other reasons, but I often feel that in
many cases "OFFENSIVENESS" is used to get attention....

In any case it all comes down to communication...
what you choose to say, and what the beholder chooses (or
is able) to see.

(Sorry, I am a synesthesist)



It is hard to be peaceful when there are so many people
who get a kick out of being offensive.

> But one of these days, maybe everyone will realize
> they can speak out
> against that which offends, without having to save
> everyone else from the
> offending thing. That they can best keep their kids
> from coming to harm by
> participating in the world along with them, not
> demanding everything they
> think might harm children be removed. That a whole,
> vital, beautiful human
> body is a wonderful thing, and one being torn
> violently apart is a
> vulgarity.

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