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  This is off the subject- but; being in another country probably doesn't
qualify my next statement- is Sen. Helms still alive and how is he allowed
to do damage?
  I remember he is against the NEA in the 80s'...
  Maybe someone from the list can do a photo essay of the protrait of Dorian
Helms during the years...
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> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Schuyler Grace wrote:
> > ... Sen. Helms was also pushing a bill to cut off Federal
> > funding for any art project that didn't meet "community standards" for
> > decency and acceptability.
> Ah, community standards: I have about 100 photos of folks walking around
> New York City (this isn't off topic -- it's alternative photography!)
> words a foot high on their bosoms you couldn't say on TV... Nobody but
> seems to even look twice. And of course I'm looking because I want to
> their picture. I'll add that NOT ONE PERSON refused... That is, a very
> folks did refuse permission to photograph them but they were just being
> crabby, their T-shirts could have been read in church. Does that mean
> York should get EXTRA funding?
> .... a whole, vital, beautiful human
> > body is a wonderful thing, and one being torn violently apart is a
> > vulgarity.
> Amen. Amen. Amen. In fact even a decrepit old body is profound.. All
> those taboos may be from folks with weak libido. They have to forbid it
> make it interesting.
> Judy


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