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Oh, I agree Rudy had a huge part to play in casting stones in his big old
glass house, but Sen. Helms was also pushing a bill to cut off Federal
funding for any art project that didn't meet "community standards" for
decency and acceptability.

...sometimes I wish I had the wisdom to look out for everyone else and
decide how they should think and what they should see/hear/read. (not

But one of these days, maybe everyone will realize they can speak out
against that which offends, without having to save everyone else from the
offending thing. That they can best keep their kids from coming to harm by
participating in the world along with them, not demanding everything they
think might harm children be removed. That a whole, vital, beautiful human
body is a wonderful thing, and one being torn violently apart is a

Well, (sniffle) a boy can dream, can't he? (sniffle)

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On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Schuyler Grace wrote:

> Yes, that is what I was referring to, but I really hope this isn't
> dung paper, high alpha or not. I might want to print something with
> religious meaning on it, and the last time something like that happened in
> the States, the far right-wingers tried to cut off all government
> arts funding. I wouldn't want that weight on my shoulders.

Schuyler, I think you've got that a bit garbled -- the main "far
right-winger" trying to cut off funds was NY's vaunted Mayor Rudy
Giuliani, the fellow some folks thought would make an ideal presidential
candidate. And it wasn't all arts funding, it was simply closing down the
Brooklyn Museum, one of our city's, in fact, our country's most splendid
institutions. (And folks doing New York's Museum tour shouldn't miss it --
aside from the special exhibitions, including often photography, they have
wonderful things like early American furniture and appliances, early
Egyptian furniture and appliances, sublime sculpture and artifacts of
North American native peoples .... and so forth.)

Some early Philistines were in it with him, but Rudy was leading the band
(in his time out from flaunting his mistress around town).

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