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Date: 12/13/04-12:34:57 PM Z
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From: Schuyler Grace <>
Subject: RE: And Speaking of Stinky Paper
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 11:02:33 -0700

> Yes, that is what I was referring to, but I really hope this isn't
> elephant dung paper, high alpha or not.

If something is undigested and not disintegrated in the dung, it is a
pretty good proof that the fiber is mostly alpha cellulose, don't you
think? :-)

Someone contacted me about emulsion making some time ago, and she
currently makes silver gelatin prints using Luminos Silverprint
emulsion on mulberry paper. Though this is not the sort of things that
reproduce well on web-resolution pics (especially because her prints
size like 60 by 60 inches), her prints look very nicely done. (She
thought to make emulsion because Silverprint is discontinued in the
U.S. and does not want to depend on commercial products. Does anyone
have a list of current liquid emulsion products?)

Ryuji Suzuki
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