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From: Sam Wang <>
Subject: RE: Digital slide camera, was Re: off-topic digital camera suggestions
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 11:14:37 -0500

> No. An SLR camera cannot send info to the LCD (or TV) before the
  mirror is flipped out of the way, plus none has a swivelling
  LCD. Perhaps the just announced rangefinder camera that uses Leica
  interchangeable lenses is the one to watch for.

I don't know if you already checked this. It's a rather old digital
SLR but Olympus E-20 has a swivel LCD. It also has a video output
terminal though I never used it. I guess it's a nice thing to have in
studio if it gives the same info as the LCD real time. (E-20 has a
very good optical viewfinder so I rarely use the LCD.)

E-20 is very slow in saving image after the buffer is full. Also, the
noise is pretty noticeable unless you shoot at 80 speed. But if you
save in raw mode or even high quality JPEG mode, it ain't bad. But
E-20 has extremely short shutter lag for an SLR, and there is no
mirror noise. It is rather old and has its limitations but I find it
most useful for on-stage performance, event and street photography. I
can shoot as if I were shooting with a rangefinder camera.

Used E-20 can be found for not much money. And E-10 for even less. (I
even know someone who's selling used E-10 in Boston)

Ryuji Suzuki
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