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Date: 12/12/04-10:14:37 AM Z
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Hi Darrel,

No. An SLR camera cannot send info to the LCD (or TV) before the mirror is flipped out of the way, plus none has a swivelling LCD. Perhaps the just announced rangefinder camera that uses Leica interchangeable lenses is the one to watch for.


>Subject: Digital slide camera, was Re: off-topic digital camera
>....White balance, manual exposure, and hot shoe, on the other hand,
>are all extremely necessary. Whether the LCD can swivel is not
>important if there is a built-in output to, say, a TV. Suggestions
>Sam, this is a great question. I'm surprised by the lack of a simple,
>semi-professional tool like remote preview on many digital cameras,
>even "pro" versions. I was dissapointed to find the new Canon 20D and
>it's Capture software would not "preview" to a laptop. You can take
>pictures from the laptop software, but it doesn't let you see the
>image until after exposure...I suppose this would suffice for your
>copying needs, but for a camera costing nearly $1500, I'd expect a
>little more flexibility. In my mind, viewing after exposure removes
>the functionality of shooting off-camera.
>This may be a limitation of the Canon supplied software, I've heard
>there is good software for these line of cameras, but only windows
>versions, not Mac.
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