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Date: 08/27/04-05:17:22 PM Z
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Hi Ryuji,

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> I wanna know how to make that defective negative :-) Looks like
> emulsion has a bit cracking coarser than typical reticulation but not
> sure.

I want to learn that too. Unfortunately she doesn't have any clue what
caused that defect... The adjacent frames are in very nice condition -
probably the defect was in the film itself... Anyone encountered a
phenomenon like this before?

> My friend who does nothing but lith printing often dislikes pinky
> highlights of Fortezo and he tones in KRST and then in gold for split
> effect.

Well, as it's my first try I happy with the color of the highlights for the
moment (maybe that's because I'm new to the process and don't know much
about the "possibilities")... But I definitely plan to try KRST + gold
toning (I liked few samples that I say in the net that were toned that way).
I guess I should start with gold then selenium, is it so?

> Fortezo in lith printing gives somewhat lower Dmax but
> selenium helps a bit as well. Fortezo is known to split tone very
> well with KRST and gold.

Sounds promising...

> Fortezo is a beautiful paper but one serious problem is that it's such
> a trouble to dry it flat. Once you deal with Fortezo, Agfa MCC is
> almost like an RC paper.

Not a big deal for me because any FB paper is a little bit PIA to me :) This
test print was made on half cutted 18x24 (giving 12x18) so I dried quite
flat. Probably I will have problems with bigger prints. Fortunately I have
many big and heavy books that I can use for flattening prints...

> It looks lithy enough, but if you want more lithy effect, try to slow
> agitation a bit (wait for a few more moments between rocking the tray).

Thanks for the tip (and for the previous ones too)...

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