Re: My first Lith Print

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Date: 08/27/04-10:15:40 PM Z
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> I wanna know how to make that defective negative :-) Looks like
> emulsion has a bit cracking coarser than typical reticulation but not
> sure.
Used to be able to do it easily with Tri X and sodium carbonate--it would
melt the emulsion like mucous. Tray of water, lukewarm to hot, dissolve chem
in the water first and then place neg in and watch like a hawk. Now with
the new hardening they've been doing to films to make them people-proof, I
actually had a student have to use sodium hydroxide to get the same effect,
but it worked wonderfully. With gloves, of course. TMax 100 is about bullet
proof tho and I wouldn't try it as a first attempt.
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