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Date: 08/27/04-05:15:51 PM Z
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That may be perfectly true :) (!!!Very shallow comment alert!!!) Why to deal with handcoated processes if no unevenness can be seen? ;)

BTW, your remark made me think about my first reaction to S. Livick's incredibly color-correct and very very sharp (because they are huge I guess) gum prints (which are wonderful indeed); I had asked myself "What is the 'perceptible' difference with this and a C print?"... This made me ask "Should be a perceptible difference with a tricolor gum print and a C print?" Well, my feelings are quite complicated in this aspect and can't come into a conclusion... Very complicated subject...

The "filter" suggestion was really horrific(!) ;)


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  I think you might be on to something. Sam Wang has been saying for some time that with the advent of digital, images are too perfect and blemish-free. He suggests that conventional prints may eventually have more value because of these defects.

  Maybe Adobe will come up with a defect filter that you can dial in the amount of scratches and dust that you want to ADD.
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