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Date: 08/23/04-09:57:42 PM Z
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Sounds like cold vapor development, which DOES work, after three days.
Better range of contrast than Becquerel, not as good as hot mercury, and
greater danger of "solarization," too, from what I hear.

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> Jeff,
> I read that same reference. That was back when daguerreotype studios were
> working full blast turning out hundreds of images per week. They used
> leather belts driven by steam engines to polish the plates, etc.
> Heres an idea I read about that sounds like it would work. Coat a copper
> pl;ate with metallic mercury at room temperature. Make a sandwich of an
> exposed Dag plate , a mask so the plates don't touch and the mercury coated
> plate. Tape it all together and let is sit around for a week or so.
> Supposedly the plate will develop. No Hg fumes to amount to anything. Don't
> know if this works. Havn't tried it but it sounds like it might work OK.
> Bob Schramm
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