Re: Photog Forumulary - UV Box and Frames - comments?

From: Eric Neilsen ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/23/04-09:06:15 PM Z
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Jeff, If the units are the same style as those that I helped Bud make when
they started their workshops, I'd recommend them. Bud is a good craftsman
and after I helped work out some bugs for them, They performed very well.
The units that we made were with oak and malmine. They included fans with
vent holes. We had them enclosed to prevent light spill. I have no idea
what they are charging, but I'm sure there good units.

EJ Neilsen

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Subject: Photog Forumulary - UV Box and Frames - comments?

> Can anyone who has used or seen the UV box and/or contact printing
> frames from Photog Forumulary comment on them?
> I was thinking of building a light box, but, not sure if I want to deal
> the hassle...
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