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As even more news on Mercury, two friends of ours became enamored of
sushi, eating it nearly four times
per week. It was the best, the finest, the freshest. After about a year
they became week, their hair began to fall out and other symptoms arose
causing them to see the doctor. The result was 1/2-way acute Mercury
poisoning solely from the fish. So, if once hatters were 'mad' turn
that word around and . . . 'dam' the world is getting polluted.
However, perhaps on a better note, mines in Colorado (and elsewhere) in
hard rock, mined originally for gold, were abandoned. Today, the water
leaching from them turns the streams an ochre color which is marvelous
for color photography. But, the ochre color is from Mercury. There is
Mercury within the rock mined for gold but inside these deep holes and
crevasses an algae can grow and a specific algae has managed to take
the Mercury of a non-leaching composition and it has the ability to
turn it into the famed poisonous form of the afore mentioned ochre
streams where all life is dead.
I'd get into the loss of the cod fisheries but that doesn't have to do
with Mercury.
Jack Fulton

On Aug 23, 2004, at 6:35 PM, Jeff Sumner wrote:

Menthol. Trying hard to quit (again) but those durn Europeans... I get
the plane in Portugal, there's an armed guard standing underneath the
Fumar sign toking on a Portuges Suave. Hard to say no.

I read a citation in an old manuscript that described a test done by a
photographer- he hung a piece of gold leaf in his developing studio
by women) and within a week the gold leaf had fallen to the floor, an
amalgam had formed from the mercury vapours.

Nasty stuff. There was a fellow in Oz that haunted this list a few
years ago
that suffered acute mercury poisoning. His experience wasn't a nice one.

There are ways of dealing with such things, though, and even when done
in a
one-off way, mercury developed daguerrian images can made safely with
minimal exposure to the nasty stuff.
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