RE: What is the best printer for both dig negs and standard photo printing

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/19/04-09:11:24 PM Z
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> When I read Thom's message, I assumed Thom was looking for a dual purpose

"I am looking for a good printer for both digital negatives and for normal
photo printing duties, both color and B&W."

If the emphasis for quality is on digital negatives, I would suggest
sticking with the Ultrachrome ink set first and see if that does not serve
him well.

No question about that, and since QTR supports Epson Ultrachrome inks it's
an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to get both color and B&W output.

> As I mentioned, the Ultrachrome inkset is very good for digital
negatives.  I suggested the "black ink only" trick because it might give his
wife a more than acceptable black and white print for her purposes—without
changing inks or trying a RIP. The RIP might be something they could explore
later if they are not satisfied with the results, since it is pretty cheap
($50) for a RIP.

> I sort of lean towards keeping it simple—at least at first.

Yep! I've made some pretty good BO prints BTW.

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