Re: What is the best printer for both dig negs and standard photo printing

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Date: 08/19/04-08:58:00 PM Z
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When I read Thom's message, I assumed Thom was looking for a dual purpose

"I am looking for a good printer for both digital negatives and for normal
photo printing duties, both color and B&W."

If the emphasis for quality is on digital negatives, I would suggest sticking
with the Ultrachrome ink set first and see if that does not serve him well.
As I mentioned, the Ultrachrome inkset is very good for digital negatives. I
suggested the "black ink only" trick because it might give his wife a more
than acceptable black and white print for her purposes—without changing inks or
trying a RIP. The RIP might be something they could explore later if they are
not satisfied with the results, since it is pretty cheap ($50) for a RIP.

I sort of lean towards keeping it simple—at least at first.

Mark Nelson

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> Mark and all.
> > For Black & White inkjet prints, I suggest just printing black ink only.
> I might suggest Quad Tone Rip produced by Roy Harrington for the 2200. There
> is a Mac, Linux and Windows version available. The standard Epson inks can
> be used without metamerism or MIS UT inks can be used. IMO, MIS makes an
> excellent inkset.
> Goto to get more info on QTR.
> Don
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