Epson 1160 printer for sale

From: Nick Makris ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/20/04-07:25:34 AM Z
Message-id: <004201c486b9$2d4fe920$2402a8c0@p266>

Still clearing out all my stuff - I was hoping to have room for my Epson 1160 when I move, but I'm finding I need to place more stuff. I Bought a small home near where I plan to build (like the contractor/carpenter/laborer/flunky) my new home and we'll be camping (more or less) for a couple of years.

Working perfectly with MIS quadtone inks and external bottles with a couple of ounces left in them.

10' USB cable, original box, CD and manual and I'll make a Win XP current driver CD so you don't have to do the download.

$410 plus shipping to the US only.

Also have a Piezography BW V5.1 Photoshop plugin for the 1160 - $25 if you buy the printer, otherwise $75.

Many thanks,

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