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Date: 08/10/04-05:18:30 PM Z
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> Apparently everybody (also Sam Wang) agrees that there is nothing on
> documentation and what is there is incomplete, right?

Yes, Giovanni.

However, Sam himself wrote a very good article on it, not only on the website, but in John Barnier's book Coming Into Focus. Gum
over cyanotype, anyway.

I have been on this search to find the first person who did tricolor
gum--there's a conflict in the literature on this, surprise, surprise. As
Andre Fuhrmann says, there may be someone who invented it, but the question
is who is the first to be known to perfect the process. As far as gum over
cyanotype goes, I would bet that Sam is up there, until someone corrects
me--not the first to do it, because it was done in the late 1800's, but to
perfect it in tricolor. As far as tricolor straight gum (no cyanotype
layer) it would have to be the Austrians.

Don't get me wrong: Sam doesn't just do perfect gums, as his post says--he
is more expressive than that. But he has the ability to do so. (Sam, I hope
you don't mind me talking about you behind your back).

I agree with him that there are no shortcuts, or, the shortest shortcut you
can take is doing it.
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