New Cyanotype - my first unsuccessful attempt

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/10/04-02:59:26 PM Z
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Well, I finally mixed my own New Cyanotype sensitizer - according to the
most recent recipe (without Potassium Ferricyanide grinding; by dissolving
it in distilled water). Everything went right - except for I couldn't manage
to dissolve all the Ferricyanide in 75C water, I solved this by increasing
the solution's temperature until it dissolved completely (perhaps the water
cooled when I transferred it to a new vessel, anyway..). Mixing is more
laborous but not that hard. BTW, I was impressed how sensitive is the
emulsion; it almost instantly turned to blue on my latex gloves that were
exposed under standard inhouse fluorescent bulb.

I tried to use it the day after mixing (is it a problem, maybe I should wait
a couple of days before using it?), I coated my preferred paper (Cold Press
Clairefontaine Etival Watercolor 300gsm /140lb) the coating was greenish
yellow and it turned totally green almost instantly (in 5 minutes). So I
didn't even bother to print on it (because it was further green after the
15minutes drying period - I dry using a cool air fan BTW (after waiting
around 2mins to let solution soak in the paper). The problem the paper I
presume. But I found this confusing, I mean I have no problems with that
paper using the traditional formula but it seems that it is not suitable
with the New Cyanotype.

Can you please name papers that you use successfully with Cyanotype II? (or
methods to tame unsuitable paper) Tomorrow I will try it on 250gsm
Hahnemuehle Watercolor Board Burgund (Ref No. 10 627 048 - this is a so
called "matt" surface; not smoth as Hot Press but smoother than Cold Press).
Hope it works with this paper...

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I especially want to use Cyanotype II on beige colored (ecru?) cotton
(sizing removed by several hot water baths). My point is - I never managed
to satisfactorily double coat fabric (it fogs, also the process is painfully
long - fabric doesn't dry as quick as paper) but I want greater dmax. That's
why I'm dealing with Cyanotype II. Anyway, seeing the result with paper, I'm
less hopeful that it will work with cotton sheets (I presume cotton is more
suspectable in terms of "chemical impurities")
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