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    There were quite a few gum books around the turn of the century (1900)
that are very complete, but as far as the color separation negs you are
looking for, you *could* check out Hubl's 1916 Three Color Photography (not
gum printing, though, and incredibly boring), and German books on gum. They
were the tricolor "kings" (no queens that I have yet come across).
     That said, there is really not any reason to do this nowadays with how
good digital is, and if so, Scopick's book, and Gassan also, have good
enough sections on this. And, I am assuming that your real question is
whether there are any complete books on gum printing with tricolor negs, and
no there are not.
     Digitally, it is simple enough you probably don't need a book: you
just split channels in Photoshop and print out each channel (RGB) and the R
prints the blue layer, the G prints the red layer, and the B prints the
yellow layer. Balancing your color takes a bit of trial and error of
choosing pigments and amounts thereof--I personally go for a subdued and
aged vintage look to my work (due to my subject matter), but Sam Wang's
photographs, for instance, are so color perfect they look like color
photographs. His flesh is creamy peachy delectable (not Sam's flesh, the
flesh in his photos, of course).
     Gum is such an intriguing process. It is, at once, easy as pie, and
also a pain in the ass. So I hope I don't overstate gum's simplicity...just
that I know if you just started printing gums, you would glean a lot from
your practice. And then, ask the alt list individual questions as they
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> Can anybody suggest additional reading on Gum dichromate besides Scopick
book and Livick manual?
> All other readings like the book of alternative processes by Christopher
James I found the subject very basic and incomplete.
> I am trying to go deeper on the color process.
> Any old book worth to download from any website?
> Any book on JUST the color process as it works on RGB or CYMK?
> Thanks,
> Giovanni
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