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After my initial shock and without trying to get a major cut, I looked at the glass. It appears to be at least 1/8th of a inch thick. It definately shattered instead of small "beads" with long wrist-slashing shards.
Now after unpacking the pump, I have more questions. There are two glass jars attached to the pump. I assume that the larger one is to collect moisture and perhaps the smaller one is for oil. I am not sure so if anyone can enlighten me as to maintance and the operation of the pump, I would greatly appreciate it. The pump is a Dayton and is hugh.

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Jonathon Russell

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> Hi Jonathon,
> There is no special glass for vacuum frames except you should use at least
> 1/4 inch plate glass, and, I forget the term glazers use, but it has to be
> "choice" or "high standard" in that it should not contain any air bubbles
> when manufactured.
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> Craig Z.
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> > Hello,
> > It's now my turn to use the collected wisdom of the group.
> > I purchased a Nuarc Vacuum frame and pump from E-Bay. While I'm sure that
> the insurance claim will be honored, I was wondering If I will be able to
> use a sheet of glass from a local glass company or is the glass in the
> vacuum frame "special" due to the vacuum created?
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