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Date: 08/02/04-10:54:40 PM Z
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On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Sandy King wrote:

> Judy,
> I resisted switching over to Mac OS 10 for a very long time. In fact, I
> installed it once about three years ago and felt a little lost with the
> navigation features and went back to System 9.2. However, I finally made a
> full switch about a year ago and am now very glad I did. And even though it
> is true that certain devices and software will not work with OS 10 you always
> have ghe option of working in Classic operating system, which comes as OS
> 9.2.2 with OS 10.

That was what we tried originally (9 and 10), and it did not work! I've
heard from other people also that the two gave them so much trouble
together they ripped out one (usually 10).

Since I have $10,000 worth of peripherals and programs that don't do ten
(and which I LIKE !), and they will NOT EVER do ten, because those
companies have also come out with new programs they want to sell me but
which I really really really don't want, giving them up for a photo
viewing program strikes me as the greater evil...

But somewhere in the queue of 70 e-mails when I arrived on line tonight
was someone telling me that 9.2.2 is a great improvement... I must double
check to see which one I have... I was under the impression that 9.2 was
the last...

> On the whole my opinion now is that OS 10 (I am currently running 10.2.8)
> offers quite a number of enhancement features that make my Mac G-4 an easier
> machine to work with. This is especially true in the area of driver
> installation, network use, and ease with which updates to software are can be
> obtained and installed.

IMO, the last good system was 8.6 -- it did everything wonderfully, NEVER
crashed, was kind and considerate and sensible. So naturally, G4 won't
take it...I had to have G4 for the gigabytes -- of which I thought I had a
superabundance, until I started downloading digital photos... almost 1000
so far. But not in RAW... I can't deal with that yet -- and think for my
purposes now it would be overkill...

I don't feel the urge for any upgrades (except what I'd really like -- a
brain upgrade)... from what I've read there's nothing in any of them I
want, and if the upgrade from MSW 5.1 to 6.5 is an example, upgrades can
be killers.

Meanwhile, I found the article that intrigued me so much -- NY Times op ed
July 23, 2004: "Microsoft is dead. Long live Microsoft." The last
sentence of which is "it is no longer unthinkable to say that software's
glory days lie in the past, not the future." If they'd asked me I would
have told them that two years ago... but the article by Nicholas G Carr,
author of "Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of
competitive Advantage," was I thought fascinating...



> I do still miss certain features about OS 9 however, especially the ease of
> navigation which for me is still more complicated with OS 10.
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