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Are you looking for a source on color printing, theory, specific
pigments, or gum printing only?

If it is color theory you want to know more about, I've always liked
Johannes Itten's "Elements of Color" (kind of a Bauhaus take on Goethe).

If it is a reference to pigments you are looking for, about a month ago
Katherine Thayer cited a book (the title of which I forget) on
watercolor pigments in several posts. A check in the recent list
archives (regarding yellow pigments) should turn the title up in case
Katherine doesn't see this and respond.

Unfortunately, most of the texts I've seen on gum printing only rehash
older material including some dubious advice. The list archives are
much more useful although they may be too wandering and random w.r.t.
specific gum printing topics. But, the info is there if you have the
patience. Another source of useful information for you might be Sam
Wang's or Christine Z's online articles about the gum process at the site.


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> Can anybody suggest additional reading on Gum dichromate besides
book and Livick manual?
> All other readings like the book of alternative processes by
James I found the subject very basic and incomplete.
> I am trying to go deeper on the color process.
> Any old book worth to download from any website?
> Any book on JUST the color process as it works on RGB or CYMK?
> Thanks,
> Giovanni
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