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Thanks Joe,
As you said whatever is written on gum printing is not too much or is very
My experience says that if I am able to properly combine the adecuate
grayscale negatives with the right Cyan, Yellow and Magenta pigments I get a
succesfull full color picture.
The article of Sam Wang is very good, I tested and it works, what is the
website for Christine Z?
Basically I think the issue is color photography theory.
Anything you may think or want to share?

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> Giovanni,
> Are you looking for a source on color printing, theory, specific
> pigments, or gum printing only?
> If it is color theory you want to know more about, I've always liked
> Johannes Itten's "Elements of Color" (kind of a Bauhaus take on Goethe).
> If it is a reference to pigments you are looking for, about a month ago
> Katherine Thayer cited a book (the title of which I forget) on
> watercolor pigments in several posts. A check in the recent list
> archives (regarding yellow pigments) should turn the title up in case
> Katherine doesn't see this and respond.
> Unfortunately, most of the texts I've seen on gum printing only rehash
> older material including some dubious advice. The list archives are
> much more useful although they may be too wandering and random w.r.t.
> specific gum printing topics. But, the info is there if you have the
> patience. Another source of useful information for you might be Sam
> Wang's or Christine Z's online articles about the gum process at the
> site.
> Joe
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> Subject: Help on Books
> > Can anybody suggest additional reading on Gum dichromate besides
> Scopick
> book and Livick manual?
> > All other readings like the book of alternative processes by
> Christopher
> James I found the subject very basic and incomplete.
> > I am trying to go deeper on the color process.
> > Any old book worth to download from any website?
> > Any book on JUST the color process as it works on RGB or CYMK?
> > Thanks,
> > Giovanni
> >
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