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Hey Giovanni! That was an "off-post" message! Now:

1) the whole world knows I'm bad with spelling names (sorry Judy), and,
2) I'm even less likely to get invited to any Scopick or Livick gatherings.
( sorry guys, but at least I did buy your books!)

Seriously, and I'm sure Messrs. Scopick and Livick (both who's work I
admire) will agree - the whole gum process is pretty hard to pin down.
Unless you are lucky, it will take a month of work for you to make any sense
whatsoever of it.. I print often and I am still always surprised at the
outcome. I rejoice at that serendipitous nature of gum. It's fun. I still
urge you to get a copy of the first "Post Factory Journal" -
( Just alone, her debunking of many "cardinal rules"-
working under a safelight, heavy emulsion application, rigid procedures -
made gum printing a rewarding experience.

Again - good luck!
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  Thanks Keith,
  How do I get hold of Judy Siegel's "Post factory Journal"?
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    I print exclusively with gum. Having read Scopick and others over the
ages, I never had anything resembling success. For me, it all came together
after reading the first issue of Judy Siegel's "Post Factory Journal". I
had a perfect print the first time. (Of course, I had nothing but disasters
for the next month). Anyway, I suggest you contact her and get a copy.
Having somewhat "mastered" the basics, I now find most of the information
out there wrong and misleading. Scopick is very strange and weird: never
figured him out. Livick is laughable. Good luck.


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      Can anybody suggest additional reading on Gum dichromate besides
Scopick book and Livick manual?
      All other readings like the book of alternative processes by
Christopher James I found the subject very basic and incomplete.
      I am trying to go deeper on the color process.
      Any old book worth to download from any website?
      Any book on JUST the color process as it works on RGB or CYMK?
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