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Hi Dave,
Yes, you are right.
Not only books but also experimenting as well.
That's the reason I decided to go back to basics, something I must have
missed on colors.
Do you have anything to suggest on color theory, separation, photography
that it can bring me some light or basic light?

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> It sounds like you're beyond the point where the few books available are
> useful. The Keepers of Light by Crawford may be worth buying, but it's
> essential if you've already read Scopick. After several months of gum
> printing, I was experimenting and learning new things about the process
> weren't covered in books. There are numerous books covering color theory,
> production of color seperation negatives, etc....that may be helpful.
> gleaned useful information from dozens of sources ranging from Kodak
> publications to 80 year old photography books. Publications for the
> arts, fine art, and printing industries will also be a good resource.
> Best regards,
> Dave Rose
> Powell, Wyoming
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> > Can anybody suggest additional reading on Gum dichromate besides Scopick
> book and Livick manual?
> > All other readings like the book of alternative processes by Christopher
> James I found the subject very basic and incomplete.
> > I am trying to go deeper on the color process.
> > Any old book worth to download from any website?
> > Any book on JUST the color process as it works on RGB or CYMK?
> > Thanks,
> > Giovanni
> >
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