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Sandy King wrote:

> Man, you sound like one confused dude. Hope this all works out for you.
I worked for Tom Kean (now the 9-11 Commission Chair) going back about
15 years. I haven't changed my politics but my Republican Party is much
more conservative and intolerant now than it was. I'm socially liberal
but fiscally conservative, which attracted me to Dean. In any case, if
I wanted to engage in blind faith to the leadership instead of logic,
I'd focus upon religion instead of politics. I never promised my party
leadership and oath of blind fealty.

In that sense, I'm much less confused, and more logical IMHO than those
who build "barricades in the streets" based upon simple party labels.
The country deserves far better behavior than that from our elected
representatives - especially during times like the ones we share
today... NJ's second largest (and very liberal) newspaper seemed to
agree with that when it endorsed my candidacy last year against
Democratic incumbents.

Hopefully, if Dubya loses, people like McCain, Kean, Schwarzenegger,
Giuliani, Bloomberg, and Pataki can end this silliness within my party.

In any case, I'm closing my participation in the political part of this
thread since it really isn't appropriate for the list.

Keith Krebs

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